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We do this by strategically understanding each others needs from the core.

our story

The Optivity Now team has been in the industry for 20+ years and it is founded on the painful reality that there is a big disconnect between executives and vendors.

Executives are visionaries that want to drive progress but often have little time to dedicate to understanding the nuances of their needs. They also are in a position where they have to do a lot of heavy lifting to justify their vendor decision to their colleagues. On the other side of the coin, vendors often prefer to sell standardized solutions because they lack the deep insight into what companies might need customized.

This two-sided misinterpretation often leads to customer service solutions that are over/under invested in and ultimately end up being un-optimized or ineffective.

Optivity Now is dedicated to being the translator and a transparent-relationship-builder between these two parties.

Their superpower is their ability to facilitate highly effective decisions using the power of detailed and on-the-ground data. They utilize tools such as objective scoreboards, strategic comparison & ranking charts as well as speech analytics & AI. These tools allow them to have an unusually deep insight into both sides’ needs and communicate it in the clearest manner.

This is Optivity Now’s secret sauce to matching companies with their PERFECT customer service partner and actually getting it right the first time.

Emily Panek


Emily is passionate about how the right people and technology can revolutionize the way organizations personalize customer experiences that build trust and loyalty.

She is a senior executive, consultant, and sales professional with over 20 years of experience managing and directing global, multi-site organizations. Emily has held leadership positions in the telecommunications, publishing, retail, healthcare, BPO/contact center industries.
Her expertise is around helping enterprise companies find, strategize and implement best practices and technology solutions.

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