People that do customer service for/with you. Suitable for companies that are looking to save costs & have a flexible contact center. We connect you with the customer service teams around the world that specialize in your needs.

You don’t have to pay a penny!

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Dominican Republic

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Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize

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Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay

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United Kingdom

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Norway, Sweden

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Here's the journey we go through together

  • Assess your requirements

    You may already know your requirements. In which case, great! If not we can diagnose your requirements for you

  • Maximize your operations

    We use Speech Analytics & AI to understand your current operations and fix existing gaps & inefficiencies as much as possible before outsourcing.

  • Create an RFI & RFP

    We then send the your requirements out to vendors that fit your needs for them to verify the suitability and highlight their capabilities as it relates to your business.

  • Shortlist

    Based on their response, we create a shortlist and a comparison chart of ideal vendors using our systematic ranking system. This process gives you the data & clarity to make the best decision and justify it to your colleagues confidently.

  • Demo & score

    We coordinate demos with the top 2-3 vendors for you to experience the solution and the corporate fit first hand. We then provide an objective scorecard of each of their performance ready for you to pilot them.

  • Term negotiation

    We then start to use our negotiation powers to get the best deal for your budget! Our strong rapport with our vendors means that you wouldn't find a better deal elsewhere with the same vendor.

  • Pilot & Asses the vendor

    As you pilot your chosen vendor(s) we use speech analytics and AI to evaluate their performance and score them for their trial period.

  • Oversee Implementation

    We act as a middleman during implementation ensuring that you spend as little time on this as possible.

  • Relationship Management

    We ensure a smooth relationship through staff changes, requirement changes & renewals, creating a robust partnership!

You don’t have to pay a penny!