strategic consulting

Suitable for companies that are not meeting their goals due to their current solution, performance or processes. However they’re confused when it comes to putting their finger on exactly what’s wrong.

We asses your known & unknown gaps, pains & inefficiencies in your current performance, tools & processes to create a detailed map of your requirements.

You don’t have to pay a penny!

Operations Expertise

Our 20+years of operational experience and insights, combined with optional speech analytics & AI assessments allow us to deeply observe and understand what is and isn't working within your current operations. Here are the type of things we observe:

  • Multimedia contact routing, skills, and processes
  • Client-specific call handling and soft skills training
  • Supervisory coaching and mentoring skills
  • Workforce and peak season resource planning
  • Quality management program development and implementation
  • Customer Satisfaction/Voice of the Customer program design
  • Organizational design (front-line and support services)
  • Change management

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Speech Analytics & AI-powered assesments

Speech Analytics & AI listen to and analyze your current customer service calls and deeply understand what is and isn’t working within your processes, tools & performance. Based on his unique insight that Speech Analytics gives us we create a detailed roadmap of your requirements. We then compare your requirements to the data scoring of potential vendors giving you all the insights you need to compare solutions and make an empowered decision.

Prefer to have a more traditional assessment of your requirements? Contact us today and we can create a customized & collaborative engagement for your needs.