It’s overwhelming to upgrade or outsource your customer service solutions.

Luckily, you’re not alone!

We match you with your


Customer Service Partner

(and get it right the first time!)

What features, size or style do I need?

What budget is appropriate?

How do I assess if a solution is right for my company?

There are too many options to consider!

Find your perfect contact center vendors

Without a doubt

Unbiased assessments & matches

Our strategic and data-based processes & tools provide you with clear parameters to make & justify and carry our your decision with confidence. We deeply analyse your requirements with the help of speech analytics & AI technology and then match them with a shortlist of vendors using our structured ranking system.

Without trade-off

Budget-maximizing negotiations

We have a healthy rapport with decision makers in a wide variety of customer service tech solutions & BPO companies. This means we are in an unusually strong position to facilitate a negotiation that maximises your budget!

Without stress

Ongoing relationship management

We stay with you. During the implementation of your chosen vendor, we help you optimize your processes using the in-depth speech analytics & AI data. We are here to ensure that you always have a robust and smooth relationship with your chosen partner throughout the lifetime of your engagement.

  • You don't pay a penny

    We do not charge you for our services, we earn a commission from chosen vendor.

  • 100% Vendor Agnostic

    Our process is completely data-driven where you ultimately make the decision, eliminating bias.

  • ROI in record time

    We help our clients reduce risk, minimize cost and maximize their time to ensure success.

What do you have to lose?

Select what you need

Strategic Consulting

Suitable for companies that are not meeting their goals due to their current solution, performance, or processes. However, they’re confused when it comes to putting their finger on exactly what’s wrong. We create a detailed map of your requirements using speech analytics & AI.

Tech Partners

Suitable for companies whose current customer service solution disappoints when handling volume to the desired quality or efficiency, especially when operating remotely. We connect you to the tech partners that specialize in your needs, size & operating model.


Suitable for companies that are looking to save costs & have a flexible contact center. We connect you with the customer service teams around the world that specialize in your needs, budget & culture. 

Why we're

Speech Analytics & AI

We’re completely data driven

Most customer-service solutions end up being partially suitable, lead to unforeseen problems during implementation and have a disappointing ROI due to a shallow understanding of the company, customer & employee needs. We use Speech Analytics & AI to help us listen to and analyze your current customer service calls and deeply understand what is and isn’t working within your processes, tools & performance. This unique insight ensures that your decisions are optimized when creating requirements, ranking vendors or implementing processes. This is our special ingredient that helps us create perfect matches, avoid downstream problems and get record breaking ROI’s.

You don’t have to pay a penny!